A Fundamental Partnership with NATO

Connect News #6

Since 2019, the “Advisory and Assistance Services” framework agreement aims to provide technical consultants required for the smooth running of NATO operations.

As the beneficiary of this contract, through our Romanian subsidiary, KranszWald, which became Prime at the end of 2021, our group is privileged to directly propose candidates to NATO in IT and Telecoms field.

Moreover, we currently have many technical consultants on NATO sites in different countries: Belgium, the Netherlands, Portugal, Norway, etc.

With our expertise, rooted in the field, particularly in Afghanistan for many years, our Group knows how to recruit at a rapid pace and retain experts who often come from military backgrounds.

In addition, we are fortunate to have very committed and efficient recruiters, specialized in international recruitment both in France and Romania, which definitely give us a competitive advantage.

Today, our “NATO” know-how and experience is particularly recognized. Despite the structured and administrative constraints, our Group has extensive and undeniable expertise required to evolve in this complex environment.