BFM ⎪ France

The turnkey solution for telecom infrastructures

Photo of BFM TV trucks equipped by GLOBAL Technologies

As an integrator of satellite telecommunications systems, GLOBAL Technologies Group, with Metracom, installs and manages all the stations that enable communication via a geostationary satellite located at 36,000 kilometers altitude, between two points on earth and guarantees that the information traffic returns to the network core.

Metracom, a subsidiary of the GLOBAL Technologies Group, installs signal receiving and transmitting antennas or VSAT networks in order to ensure the best service for television and broadcasting everywhere, when it comes to bringing a subject for editing to a television control room. Metracom equips SNG (Satellite News Gathering) vehicles such as those of BFM TV, or provides small ground antennas on sites to send news. Today, this type of direct access goes through 4G but this network can be saturated and also relies on satellite.