Sports events within reach of everyone

Photo of the ES'HAILSAT project by GLOBAL Technologies GROUP

Metracom has set up the Ka satellite link between Doha and Paris. It is intended for TV transmissions for beiN Sport and allows the broadcasting of worldwide sports events. In this way, people from all over the world can be thrilled by the sight of peaceful competition.

Strengthened by previous collaborations, and confident in its know-how, Es’hailsat entrusted Metracom with this very important and complex project designed to meet all the stages of collection, contribution and broadcasting of DTH (Direct To Home) television packages, in high and ultra high definition.

The satellite stations also provide remote control and station-keeping functions for the Es’hailsat 1 satellite.

Located in a desert where temperatures frequently exceed 50°C, the stations are designed for continuous, trouble-free operation.
These state-of-the-art infrastructures complete the transmission means available to Es’hailsat. Thanks to these equipments Es’hailsat can address a very large area, which covers North Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia as well as an important part of Europe.