YAMAL ⎪ Siberia

Extreme specialists for a titanic project

Photo of a factory seen by day

In the midst of the Crimean crisis and tense relations between France and Russia, Thales has launched a tender to install all the telecommunications infrastructure for a gas extraction plant built on the Yamal peninsula, near Sabetta in northern Siberia. The plant is being built by the French, Russians and Chinese for a Franco-Sino-Russian consortium, which includes Total.

The area where the plant is located is extremely cold, it is situated by the sea. During the nine months of winter, it is between -45° and -50° with only four hours of daylight. Who would want to work in these extreme conditions, without family, far from any city?

Thales called on GLOBAL Technologies Group to build the project for all the telecommunications systems: security systems (video, cameras, alarms, loudspeakers) and internal plant communications systems: the PAGA system, which coordinates the signals between the radio telephone and the alarms.

This first stage saw the intervention of GLOBAL Technologies Group consultants in Yamal. They are the ones who built the installation project by adapting the telecom systems known and approved in France, to the Russian systems and conditions. PAGA itself had to be adapted to Russian standards. However, a change in the system means that there is no manufacturer’s warranty in the event of a breakdown. GLOBAL Technologies Group has negotiated and obtained from the manufacturers the certification of the modifications made and the maintenance of the guarantees specific to the Yamal plant.

By creating this Russian structure, for this project which lasted four years and by involving more than 30 consultants on site, GLOBAL Technologies Group proved once again, its reactivity and its capacity to fulfill the most complex missions.