Equipements de télécommunication militaire

Mobility at the heart of Satcom


Metracom, a subsidiary of the GLOBAL Technologies Group, specialises in the supply and installation of ground stations, VSAT networks and contribution systems for the media. A large team with complementary profiles from operators, manufacturers, and integrators in the Satcom field, offers an innovative approach to these new services.

Intervening at all levels in the integration of telecommunications and video transport solutions, from the initial stages of consulting and project preparation, through the design and factory manufacturing phases, Metracom organises technical acceptance with clients, then carries out the installation on site and finally the technical support of the solutions in operation.

The importance of the ecosystem is crucial in the telecommunications market, and our extensive experience gives our clients direct access to a vast portfolio of partners around the world. Furthermore, with many existing projects, we can choose technical solutions independently to facilitate a rapid return on investment and, above all, to control design and operating costs.

By maximising on our extensive know-how, we regularly intervene on the whole range of transmission needs for television channels and video service providers, broadcasters, satellite, or telecom operators, but also on more vertical markets such as defence and security.

METRACOM: Integrator and Distributor

The choice of suitable products in a rapidly changing technological field requires ongoing research and updating of the selection of integration products and suppliers. Metracom also offers its customers the opportunity to benefit from this constantly renewed purchasing experience. These are often very specific needs, requiring unique technical advice and pre-sales expertise.

We are fully committed to the coherence and proper functioning of the equipment with end-to-end responsibility for the purchase of functional packages. Offering an optimised one-stop shopping approach, our engineers carry out complex configurations and factory testing for a comprehensive package. A telephone support ticket during commissioning completes the support for customers and users.

Complex Projects

Regularly sought after for the implementation of international projects, Metracom is involved in Cameroon with Nuran to deploy mobile solutions in rural areas for its client Orange. In partnership with Eutelsat and ST Digital, Metracom provides the link to remote sites allowing connection to rural sites.

With references in countries as diverse as Benin, Mali, Polynesia, Italy, Algeria, Mexico, England, or Senegal for example, as a system integrator, Metracom ensures the distribution of equipment or solutions globally with various demands and responses adapted to specific uses in the field.

Highly Technical Products and Solutions

Metracom selects, adapts, integrates, and offers the most proven and efficient products and solutions in the Satellite Mobility segment.

The Kymeta offer includes the terminal, the bandwidth, and the assistance, all for a fixed monthly, quarterly, or annual fee. Based on the new u8 generation (from Kymeta), there are several versions, including a civil version with modem, 4G gateway and WIFI hotspot. The governmental version meets the specific and uncompromising requirements of the Military by integrating, among other things, iDirect modems that comply with FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standard) encryption standards or TRANSEC transmission security.

On the other hand, with the Satcube Ku terminal, Metracom is revolutionising the world of satellite communications. Its technology addresses the needs of high-capacity communications by using High Speed Satellites (HTS) to provide connectivity with a much higher flow than traditional BGAN devices.

With Metracom’ssolutions, satellite communications become as easy as using a smartphone.