Magazine Connect News #6

For the past twenty years, GLOBAL Technologies Group has been specialising in complex Telecoms Networks fields. There is a need to meet up with the booming demands of information flow management in all sectors of activities, while focusing on innovating technologies. Besides, the constant challenges of new practices and the globalized communication limitations require relentless technological monitoring, pioneering of R&D projects and above all, an outstanding reliability and security dimension.

As a renowned expert in the field, the Group provides communications solutions to most prestigious customers in strategic markets such as International Institutions and Defence Industry.

Our missions are based on an international context with key partners such as NATO. It is worth observing the importance of our involvement on the African Continent.

For instance, Socatel, the National Operator of the Central African Republic, whose field of action extends to neighbouring countries such as Cameroon and the Republic of Congo, has entrusted us with the assignment of its network upgrade.

In Cameroon, we signed a contract for our subsidiary Metracom, with the Canadian company NuRAN and its customer Orange Cameroon. Metracom will provide to remote sites the link that will enable the connection of rural sites. Our solution is integrated over several years to provide bandwidth, installation, maintenance, monitoring, supervision and 24h support.

Similar projects are being negotiated in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Liberia, Burkina Faso, and Madagascar.

An Innovative and Agile Year

Our group is also involved in several flagship R&D initiatives, such as the secure tactical bubble project*. The proposed solution consists of two structures, one dedicated to communications and the other to encryption. In addition, to combine solutions, the BusinessLine service management tool is also part of this value-added offer.
In addition, to combine solutions, the BusinessLine service management tool is also part of this value-added offer . It provides access to a secure and confidential portal that centralises all service requests relating to the tactical bubble (management of smartphones fleets, SIM cards, operating status of equipment and vehicles, processing time for breakdowns and incidents, maintenance status, etc.).

Communications within the Tactical Bubble are completely secured and cannot under any circumstance, be subjected to wiretapping, rerouting, or interception.

Ultimately, GLOBAL Technologies Group remains a trusted actor that has been offering its customers a responsible digital service for many years, including in the most remote and sensitive regions of the world, while contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the UN.