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The redesign of the service management tool BusinessLineTM

Magazine Connect News #6

BusinessLineTMis the IT brand of the GLOBAL Technologies Group, a recognised software publisher “Made in France” specialised in service management, customer, and user support.

The named BusinessLineTMapplication is a workflow management tool It organises and defines in advance and in details, the chain of actions to be carried out, the people to be notified, the services to be implemented, and all mechanisms in the company that interact, to meet the same objective and efficiently satisfy all operational needs.

Easily configurable, it adapts to all specific customer contexts. Like a chameleon, it blends in with the businesses, organisations, internal rules and procedures, local legislation, or constraints specific to each customer’s environment. Indeed, this ITSM solution has a simple and intuitive interface, compliance with GDPR and ITIL best practices.

With its many existing users, BusinessLineTM has been developing business expertise for more than 20 years, which is appreciated by the market.

A range of new integration functionalities

The new implementation of BusinessLineTM has an interoperability module based on existing protocols, norms, and open standards.

This module simplfies the multi-channel communication integration (chat, mail, social networks…) and and thus offers more autonomy to take into account evolution of communication technologies and uses The personalization of the relationship with the user is also improved thanks to a service accessible through internet or proprietary network, with the terminal of the user’s choice (BYOD) in fixed or mobile mode.

This module enables to interface Business Intelligence reporting tools (Power Bi or Tableau Software for example) as simple as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning systems.

This integration allows BusinessLineTM to offer effective Chatbots, which simulate a human conversation (written or spoken) to interact with data, as if they were communicating with a real person, and relying on AI and FAQs.

Security by Design

The need for an ever-higher level of security increases our line of requirements for all our developments. All security processes are thought through at the design stage throughout the entire life cycle of the data or application. “Security by Design”, considers the guidelines of the OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) community.

We go even further with a “continuous security” approach at all stages of the project by adopting the modern DevSecOps approach, which consists of integrating security into DevOps practices.

An offer adapted to all company sizes

BusinessLineTM has a functional coverage perfectly aligned with the specific needs of all the company’s departments, IT, HR, Legal, Financial, Commercial, including General Services.

From the start of the projects and the definition of the IT services until the system’s commissioning, we set the conditions of the Service-Level Agreement (SLA) together.

With a quick, easy to implement solution, the return on investment (ROI) is immediate, all thanks to gains in productivity, efficiency and, above all, quality.