Chargé(e) de développement RH (H/F) chez GLOBAL Technologies

The Strength of an Ecosystem lies in its Sustainable Partnerships.


Since 2008, the subsidiary, Kranszwald, from its HQ in Romania, has been supporting its parent-company, Global Technologies Group, mainly in project implementation for NATO. It has the necessary expertise and experience to carry out these often-delicate missions.

Also, with the strength of its ecosystem, built over the years, Kranszwald offers a unique pool of international professionals and teams of qualified and trained specialists to carry out projects globally. It is therefore the platform for recruiting experts for the entire group. In addition, its strategic location makes Kranszwald, an exceptional hotspot for recruitment in Central Europe. Thus, we receive many high-level IT specialists for NATO as well as for our other clients, all of whom are in great demand in a professional sector that is chronically short of available specialists.

This subsidiary is also involved in fully operational aspects, particularly in Afghanistan, Mali up until 2021 and of course in Europe. Since its integration in the Global Technologies environment, it has made an invaluable contribution to the diversity and complexity of projects. These interventions in the field demonstrate the quality of our services and contribute to our continuous improvement process. By bringing our innovation closer to our clients, we contribute to a continuous spiral of win-win satisfaction while contributing to the growth of the company.

Above all, with this involvement, we aim for operational excellence.

However, beyond an appreciated reference and a prestigious business card, reflecting a market recognition, the agility necessary to follow the evolutions and to adapt relentlessly on the Telecom segments, requires a clear strategy.

After almost two difficult years of pandemic, with a brand-new team, we have adapted our policies and objectives, to this period of recovery. The global business environment reflects dynamism, giving us a new and very positive energy.

Beyond 2022 which is the reference year for the whole group, in the consolidation of its new business model, our fundamental values remain unchanged: “Successful projects are never done alone”.

Thus, responding to the multitude of challenges and transformations that await us by combining Kranszwald and all the internal competencies of Metracom or BusinessLine with the external strategic partnerships forged through successful projects.

The Group’s agility is on the move!